Growth Mindset


What is a Growth Mindset?

A Growth Mindset is the belief that we can develop our abilities, including our intelligence, which is our ability to think. It is distinguished from a Fixed Mindset, which is the belief that abilities can’t change, such as thinking people can’t improve in maths, creativity, writing, relationship-building, leadership, sports and the like.

The mindset that we adopt leads to very different behaviours, attitudes and achievement. Lots of research has shown that children with a growth mindset seek more effective learning strategies, work harder, persevere in the face of setbacks and achieve higher competence.


Why we are learning about Growth Mindset at Lavant C.E Primary School

The New Primary Curriculum was introduced in September 2014 and was statutory for all year groups from September 2015. Its content has higher expectations for teaching and learning and this represents a challenge for all.

 Research has shown that almost all children can reach the standards set by the government. This can be done through effort, practice and resilience – some of the features of having a growth mindset.

 Extensive research, especially by Dr Carol S. Dweck, have shown that where schools and parents foster a ‘can-do’ approach, children’s learning improves and standards rise. Having a growth mindset can improve children’s progress and attainment – they can grow their brains and intelligence!

 At Lavant Primary, we strongly believe that all of our children can develop a growth mindset and, with your help can succeed.