School Council

We are School council and we have been elected to represent the views of all pupils at Lavant and to improve our school.

We meet every week to discuss ideas and sort out problems.  This may include organising fundraising events, behaviour, school lunches and walk around the school environment to see what is going well and what needs improving.  We also run assemblies and competitions related to school topics.

In the past we have supported 3 charities, two charities that are internationally recognised “Children in Need” and “Comic Relief.” We work together to bring a fun filled day to all pupils with the opportunity to learn about the people we help.  We are very committed and support a local lady called Vannessa Bennett who founded the charity “Feeding Futures.” They help to feed people in a small Kenyon school and to teach them how to feed themselves.  We have organised big sponsored events and have even made the local newspaper!  We have also collected unwanted shoes and donated them to the school children and their families.  To find out more about Feeding Futures, click on the link below:

We really enjoy being part of School Council, working together and sharing responsibilities.  We make sure pupils are heard and we get things done!!