School Vision and Values

Learning together in faith - always aiming for the best
We are an inclusive and ambitious school at the heart of our local community. Our vision is to inspire and support every child (and adult) to aim for and achieve their very best, loving one another and ‘living life in all its fullness’ (John 10:10).


Our school values:

Love and Respect – Christian love and respect are at the heart of all we do at our school, shaping our decisions and nurturing a strong sense of belonging. We show these by following Jesus’ example, treating one another with compassion and empathy with a strong sense of gratitude.

Hope and Joy – We live life in all its fullness, showing positivity and having fun in all we do. We understand that faith gives us hope for now and our futures, and believe we can impact our world in a positive way. We look to find and celebrate hope and joy in all areas of our school life.

Ambition At Lavant CE Primary School, we aim for our best in all we do. We are a small school with a big heart and we believe that nothing is impossible for any of us if we approach our learning in the right way. We aim for every member of our school community to achieve their God-given potential

Curiosity – Curiosity is key to our learning and spiritual development. We strive to be interested and inquisitive at all times, asking questions and searching for answers. We believe curiosity makes our minds and souls stronger.

Resilience – Through a growth mindset and resilient nature, no obstacle is too big for us to overcome. Building our resilience, empowers us to meet challenges with positivity. We don’t give up when faced with challenges; we approach life, and learning, with a positive, resilient attitude.

Our School Aims: 

To provide inspirational real life learning experiences which challenge, engage and motivate within a creative, inclusive Christian environment.

To nurture reflective learners who have a sense of responsibility, humility and respect. 

To encourage effective, purposeful collaboration between individuals, who understand the importance of their contribution to local and global communities. 

To foster a life-long love of learning where individuals accept challenges and take risks with the perseverance to adapt and aspire.



The children and adults in our school have identified the following skill set, which we believe will help us now and prepare us for the future.