Assessment & Results

Principles for Good and Effective Assessment

Every school in England is required to place their assessment framework on their website from September 2014. As a start though, many schools are also identifying the assessment principles upon which this framework will be based, and as such these are listed below:

1) Assessment is at the heart of teaching and learning.

  • Assessment provides evidence to guide teaching and learning.
  • Assessment provides the opportunity for students to demonstrate and review their progress.

2) Assessment is fair and honest. 

  • Assessment is inclusive of all abilities.
  • Assessment outcomes are conveyed in an open, honest and transparent way to assist pupils with their learning.
  • Assessment judgements are moderated by experienced professionals to ensure their accuracy. 

3) Assessment is ambitious. 

  • Assessment places achievement in context against nationally standardised criteria and expected standards.
  • Assessment provides, through objective criteria, a pathway of progress and development for every child.
  • Assessment objectives set high expectations for learners. 

4) Assessment is appropriate. 

  • The purpose of any assessment process should be clearly stated.
  • Assessment should draw on a wide range of evidence to provide a complete picture of student achievement.
  • Assessment should demand no more procedures or records than are practically required to allow pupils, their parents and teachers to plan future learning.
  • Ensures results are comparable with other schools, both locally and nationally. 

5) Assessments provide meaningful and understandable information for:

  • pupils in developing their learning;
  • parents in supporting children with their learning;
  • teachers in planning teaching and learning.
  • assessment must provide information that justifies the time spent;
  • school leaders and governors in planning and allocating resources; and
  • government and the Local Authority.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic there are no results for 2019/20 or 2020/21