Remembrance Day

1st November 2023

Lest not forget.

It was the year 1918, when on the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the guns fell silent, ending World War One. Over forty million casualties, this was some war. Unfortunately twenty-one years later the World was at war again, this time over seventy-five million casualties. Since then, the casualty toll continues to increase, with wars around the world and the continuing conflict in the Ukraine, bringing refugees to our doorsteps.

 To remember the fallen, the children and staff at Lavant CE Primary School have produced a piece of artwork prominent at the front of the school. Using recycled materials, over 100 poppies have been made – one for each pupil and member of staff- and assembled to create this stunning scene.  We would like to thank Mark Bailey who kindly made and donated the Soldier silhouette that accompanies the poppies, along with Jenny Quest & John Slipper who helped with assembling poppies.