Zoolab Visits Woodpecker class

10th November 2016

Zoolab, an animal handling company, visited Woodpecker class on Thursday 10th November. Heather from Zoolab brought with her a small variety of exotic animal from rainforest habitats around the world. We got to meet a Chilean Rose tarantula, an African Giant Snail, a giant millipede, a giant stick insect and a corn snake (because actual rainforest snakes aren’t as friendly!) to name a few. We could hold and touch most animals, although some we could only observe closely. Heather told us a great deal about the habitat of each, what they eat and what eats them, how large they can grow and their lifespan. All this information will be very useful for study of rainforest animals and their food chains. It was a fantastic start to our new science topic.