Yr 3/4 Football

14th March 2023

Nine of our year 3&4 girls headed over to Bognor Regis to take part in a football festival to celebrate girls football and give them the opportunity to meet children from other schools who also like to have a kick about and play some matches against other girls their own age. They started the afternoon in mixed groups, with children from other schools, having a go at some football skills practices, and then re-joined their team mates to play some friendly games of football.


All of our girls showed great determination throughout the afternoon, especially after a defeat in our first game, defending well and going on to score a number of goals during the following games. Great support and teamwork skills were shown as they all took it in turns to sub on and off with their teammates, as well as changing roles on the pitch. We all had a lovely afternoon which ended with the Lavant team being recognized for a determination award by the event staff.

Well done team