Friday 22nd January 2021

Good morning lovely Wrens.
How are you today?
I hope that you have received details of our Zoom meeting at 10am today.
I hope you have also received further details of websites that you can access to develop your reading skills.
First, what date is it today and what is the weather like?
Let us start the day by changing the date and weather on your calendars.
Next, follow the link to sing the day’s of the week song and/or the months of the year song:
Next, let’s meet Geraldine the Giraffe and Mr Thorne (MrT) again.
Can you spot the animal in the next story with the ‘sh’ sound?
First, follow the link and listen to the very short story about The Legend of the Chinese Dragon. Look carefully at each animal. Listen really carefully to the descriptions of each animal.
Next, can you draw each animal really carefully and then write the name of the animal next to it. Use your Jolly Phonics card to help you
After that, can you add an adjective (describing word) next to each picture.
Remember how each animal was described in the story, agile, glistening, free, fast, glides, hard worker. (Or if you would prefer and can print the attached picture, match each name to the correct picture.)
Then, follow this link and join in with this dragon song: Dragon song and movement for children
Finally, watch the video included here of how to make your own dancing dragon.  
See if you can make one and make up a dance with it.
You could make it dance along to this music
Take care lovely Wrens and I look forward to seeing some photo’s and hearing how you get on. Love from Mrs Yelland xx