Woodpecker Class visit from Paul Ulson

13th March 2017

Recently Woodpecker class welcomed Mr Paul Ullson into our class to help us with our Ancient Greek studies. We had an amazing time discovering lots of different things. We started the day interviewing him in character as a Greek merchant called Paulinous. We learnt all about his travels, family and home life and the country he lived in.

He brought in some amazing artefacts which we had the opportunity to look at and discuss, and then we drew them with chalk pastels. They have created a brilliant display in our school hall.

In the afternoon we spent some time experiencing what it would have been like to have been part of the Greek army. As a homework task we researched Greek shields and everyone in the class created their own. We took them out onto the playground where Mr Ullson drilled us. We all had to work as a team to keep in line and move forward together and we loved shouting the commands back to our army leader. Some of our class were chosen to be the ‘Peltas’ section of the army. These soldiers had to run forward in the battle and throw javelins and spears at the advancing enemy. Doing this repeatedly was quite tiring!

Once we’d had our practice, the ‘barbarians’ (Wren and Robin class) were called out to battle us. It really made us focus on our commands and battle moves and listen to the instructions from Mr Ullson.

We think it is safe to say everyone had an awesome day.