Woodpecker Class and the Secret of St Nicholas Church

9th October 2018

As a school we were asked to support our church with an exhibition to celebrate the opening of the church vault. Each class in the school focused on a different aspect of the church and Woodpecker Class based their learning on the stained glass windows. The children visited St Nicholas’ Church and met with Rev. Dr David Jarrett. 

First they were struck with how beautiful some of the patterns were in the east window behind the altar. They explored the symmetry in designs, and the colours, and used this as the inspiration for their own symmetrical rose windows. The children also loved the window that depicted St Nicholas. Back in class they studied figure and form and tried to draw people in proportion. It was trickier than they thought but they used their ‘Growth Mindsets’, to produce traditional Victorian style windows that showed St. George and the Dragon. Finally they learnt about how the widows told stories and how Jesus’ life and death was depicted in the east window.