St Nicholas

2nd December 2019

During our assemblies this week we are learning about Christmas Traditions.

David, our Rector told us all about a very kind man who lived in Turkey. His name was Nicholas. He helped people who didn’t have much money. He placed money in stockings that were hanging out to dry. He shared his good fortune with others. He became a very important Bishop and eventually a Saint for all the good works he did for others. We learnt that he is the patron saint of children. In Holland, they celebrate St. Nicholas’ day on the 6th November and have their Christmas presents then.

We learnt a bit about the clothes a Bishop wears on special occasions. We learnt that the mitre represents the tongues of fire that came down to the disciples at Pentecost. The shepherd’s crook reminds us of how a Bishop looks after people in the same way that a shepherd looks after his flock. David told us that it says in the Bible that Jesus is the Good Shepherd and looks after people.