Science Morning

17th March 2017

Science Morning               Friday 17th March 2017

In celebration of National Science Week (11th-19th March), we had a whole morning of science based learning on Friday 17th March. The theme this year was “change”. All four classes fully embraced the theme and took part in a range of activities that explored natural, chemical and physical changes.

Wren Class set up an experiment to observe what happens when kitchen roll was placed in glasses of different coloured water. They placed glasses of clear water in between each glass of coloured water to see if everything changed. The children were very excited to observe the slow changes and discuss what had happened.

Robin class explored physical changes created by the movement of the sun throughout the day. They initially marked their shadows in the morning and then observed how much they had changed position by the afternoon. Whilst waiting for the sun change its position, the made lava lamps, observing how adding bicarbonate of soda created changes in other liquids. Robins also investigated how they could change their heart rates. They monitored their heart rates before and after exercise, recorded the different levels and discussed what was happening with their heart with the increased activity.

In Woodpecker class the children investigated changes in state and whether colour has an impact on how quickly an ice cube melts. The children were very surprised that their initial predictions were quite wrong and were equally surprised at how long the ice cubes took to melt. We had to bring them into assembly with us!!

Pheasant class were looking at changes in temperature and were given a challenge to keep a mug of hot water hottest for longest. The children could choose suitable materials to insulate their mugs and took frequent temperature readings to monitor how quickly they dropped. They turned this data into line graphs and overlaid them so that all the data could be seen and compared on one graph.