Friday 22nd May

Beastly Beasts is the order of the day! We would like you to write a little
bit (or a lot a bit) about the beasts you thought of on Wednesday. Use the
resources from the Zoom session yesterday to help you decide if your
beast is going to be a hero or a villain.
In maths, have a go at some pattern making and some more investigating.
You all did so well with drawing out the investigation last week! Well done.
Today is our last day of half term. As your teachers we couldn't be more
proud of how dedicated and hard working you have been at home. We hope
you have a wonderful half term and the sun continues to shine.
We will be ready and raring to go in a 9 days time with more exciting
learning and fun things to try out. But for now have a dance and a hug
with your family and be proud of all you have done!