Friday 22nd January 2021

Robin Class, ye are landlubbers no more! Ye are half way through ye training in how to be a pirate! We are roaring happy to be having such a fearsome and fearless bunch be sailing the seven seas with us!
Ye training for today be:
Learning Journey - Design your own ship for sailing the 7 seas! Sheet in your book and video on Seesaw.
Learning Journey - Can you find your way around the treasure map and can you use what you've learned about the compass pints to create your own directions? sheet in your book and video on Seesaw.
Maths - Year 2 - video and sheets below
              Year 1 - sheet below and video on Seesaw
Year 1, you are continuing to to subtract using a numberline and this time you will be crossing the 10. Have a look on SeeSaw for my video for you. There is a WR sheet and a challenge sheet too. Give it a go!
Year 2, you are looking at odd and even numbers and thinking about all you have learned in your division and multiplication over the last few weeks. This worksheet is the last one in your booklet as I think it snuck out of the right order!
We have been so impressed with your maths over the last few weeks. You'll be brilliant at counting all of your pirate coins!
Today in your learning journey work you will be designing your own ship. Have a look on SeeSaw for Mrs T's video about the different parts of the ship. Which parts will you have in your ship? Can you find out what the poop deck is? Have a read of the pages from our book too. They will have information about the ship too.
You will also be following directions to find where the treasure is buried on a map. You need to have a go at writing your own directions for someone in your family to follow on the map to find your treasure.