River Lavant Walk

7th December 2022

Woodpecker class we had great fun learning about the water cycle and rivers in our topic ‘Once upon a raindrop’. There was no better way to kick start this learning then looking at our local environment and making a short walk to the River Lavant.

Due to the warm weather in the summer, the River Lavant was dry and this provided an excellent opportunity for a geographical enquiry. On arrival, the children where tasked with identifying all the different features of a river they could spot. As there was no water, this allowed for the children to walk along the river bed and visually spot many of the key terms we had been learning about. We also tasked the class to use their learning and knowledge to solve the mystery of the missing water. This created some brilliant discussions between the children allowing them to apply all their classroom learning of the water cycle to a real life situation.

Taking a short trip down to the River Lavant provided the children with an opportunity to become curious enquirers and develop their knowledge of physical geography. It is always brilliant to apply classroom learning to real life situations, especially when it is in our local environment!