Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

27th May 2022

There was much excitement amongst the Robin and Goldfinch children before half term as we prepared for our very own Royal garden party – a Jubilee picnic on the school field to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Along their Learning Journey the children used books, photos and videos to find out more about the Queen and the many roles she has as head of our country and the Commonwealth. We found out that she was a girl guide when she was young and that she loves corgis and many more interesting facts besides, although there are still mixed opinions about what her favourite colour may be – is it blue or pink?

“She has been on the throne for 70 years. She is a kind and respectful lady”. Grace, Robin Class

In anticipation of the big event the children created posters and invitations letting their grown ups know they were welcome to join us. They made bunting and paper chains and painted their own Union Jack flags to help with our decorations. They also designed and made their own sandwiches and decorated biscuits to eat at the picnic itself. It was very exciting when the time came on Thursday afternoon to dress up in our special party clothes, to play games and welcome our parents to join us and Wren class on the school field. It was lovely to enjoy all being together again in celebration after the unusual couple of years we have had and to see parents and grandparents joining in with their children’s learning and fun. The children from Wren class had grown their own plants and set up and ran a very successful plant sale. Alongside this, children worked with their friends or relations to complete a treasure hunt around the school grounds, and they were rewarded with a special commemorative book with a picture of the Queen at her coronation on the front cover, a gift from the church. A great time was had by all and hopefully memories made that will last them a lifetime as well as an appreciation of all Queen Elizabeth II has done so far in her long lifetime.

“At our school Jubilee garden party, we had a fun treasure hunt and there was a prize at the end. We also showed our parents all our work”. Paige, Robin Class.

“We had a tasty picnic and played games on the school field. I had a fun time”. Eva, Robin Class