Dance House 2023

24th January 2023

‘What an amazing evening’ exclaimed a number of our parents after watching our dancers perform on the stage in the Alexandra Theatre in Bognor. All of our dancers performed with confidence and closed the show by sending their message of self belief and ‘wonder’ out into the audience. Not only did our pupils get to perform, but were also able to watch other schools, both primary and secondary pupils, perform their work. An amazing opportunity and experience enjoyed by not only the dancers, but by parents and general audience.

“Dance House was an amazing experience. I loved watching and doing the show. Every part of it was great. It was so much fun standing up on stage and dancing. It was also great fun being backstage and getting into our costumes. All of the rehearsals were fun and Mrs Goman made them exciting. I would like to do it again next year.” Scarlet