Back to School

8th March 2021

The Lavant CE Primary team was as excited as everyone else to hear that lockdown easing would be starting on March 8th with the return of all children back to school. We are so happy to be able to open our doors to all of our pupils again, and to get back to learning with a full and happy school.

The children have yet again adapted to life in lockdown very well, and have been working hard whether at home or in school, applying themselves to their daily learning. The standard of work has been excellent, with a whole range of learning opportunities being enjoyed by the children, and our learning platforms have enabled children to check in seamlessly with their teachers on a daily basis. The whole Lavant team has been working harder than ever, ensuring that the daily diet of learning and development is as strong as possible for all our pupils.

As of Monday the 8th March, we will be settling the children back into school with a new Whole School Learning Journey, giving children the chance to reconnect with their friends, think deeply about their experience of lockdown, while also re-establishing the day to day classroom routines and interactions that have been missing for too long.  As the sun comes out and the weather begins to brighten, we hope that restrictions will be lifted further and we will be able to get back  to our normal learning routines, with all of our classes being able to play together again and enjoy more whole school learning opportunities and celebrations.

Well done to everyone in our school community for making it through another tough lockdown. It will be fabulous to have our whole team back in school, “Learning together in faith – and always aiming for our best.”