'Leaf Man' from Wren Class

28th April 2021

It has been a joy to have Wren Class all back together again after our Easter break.

The children seem really refreshed and are rearing to go!

We started this term by studying a beautiful ornamental cherry tree in our garden. We have been keeping a close eye on it all year observing how it has changed through the seasons. We made some wax rubbings of the bark to explore the texture and collected adjectives to describe both the bark and the blossom. We used our collection of adjectives to create a class poem together about blossom. Some children went on to write a collaborative story based on a favourite story of ours called' Leaf Man', (where the blossom blew across fields and rivers) using the repetitive phrase, 'Where the blossom blows, only the wind knows.'. The children sat outside an created some wonderful observational paintings of our tree. They observed the shape or the tree trunk and where it divides and represented the canopy of blossom beautifully.

I am so proud of them all.