Sports Grant


The government has pledged money to all primary schools called: PE and Sport Premium. The money is designed to be spent to help primary schools improve the quality of the PE and sport activities they offer their pupils.

Last year 2015-16 Lavant C.E Primary School spent the £8,460 grant on the following:

  •  Staff CPD & enhanced PE Curriculum. £3,066 was spent on providing a senior sports coach to teach weekly Games and Gym sessions alongside class teachers. This provided excellent sports lessons for children, whilst also developing teacher’s pedagogy in teaching PE.
  • Raising children’s interest in physical activity through extra curricula activities - £2,590 was spent in providing a range of free sport related school clubs including fencing, gymnastics, modern dance, maypole, running, Duathalon, rounders/cricket, and multi-skills.

  • Providing competitive opportunities - £278 was allocated to enable children in KS1 and KS2 to participate in a range of competitive events. The money paid for entry costs and transport for a range of competitions including locality and county cross country races, Chichester Corporate Challenge, GAS football, Tag Rugby, Chichester Locality football and cricket tournaments.

  • Squash Coaching - £200 enabled all children in years 5 and 6 to have ½ term squash coaching. A school team continued to participate in a squash tournament at Chichester Squash Club against other local primary schools.

  • Dance Show - £228 contributed towards running an after school dance club and purchasing costumes for our dance troupe. Our dancers took part in ‘Dance House’ show and performed on stage at the Alexandra Theatre.

  • Providing equipment and resources - £100 worth of resources were bought to ensure the children had access to quality equipment including PE mats, and a range of equipment to enable the children to become more active at playtimes

  • Forest Schools - £2,645 enabled all children in years one to six to undertake a six week Forest Schools experience as part of their OAA. This has proved to be an excellent opportunity for all children to learn new skills in our local environment.

 Total spend: £8907


  •  Staff confidence and ability to deliver quality PE lessons has grown and is continuing to  develop
  • Quality of PE improved – good use of coaches to deliver the curriculum enabling the children to achieve

  • Opportunity for all KS1 and KS2 children to participate in competitions and learn how it feels to compete – to win or not

  • Significant increase in number of children participating in a physical activity before or after school club very good.

This year 2016-17 Lavant C.E Primary School intends to continue using the £8,500 grant in much the same way ie staff CPD, paying for children to attend a physical activity before or after school club, enabling sport coaches for fencing, football and gymnastics to work with different age groups, expanding the number of competitive events the children can be involved with including the Forest Schools and providing any resources as needed.

If additional funding is received as expected, we intend to buy into a sports package provided by a local secondary school. This will enable further CPD for teachers, sports coaches to run an annual sports day, and a much greater number of competitive sporting events for our children to participate in.